SoSEI Water - Miami Tour

Dr. Fukai Lectures and demonstrates SoSEI Water to nearly 250 during a five day
lecture tour of Miami, FL at True World Foods, Hellmann, Miami Dade College
under the invitation and support of Prof. Dr. Michael Lenaghan

Date & Time Thursday January 6th 2011 9am till Noon
Location True World Foods Miami LLC , Miami, FL

Attendance (17) Dr. Owaki, Kazumasa Matsuda, Two members from the True World
Group Staff, Noriko & Take Yaegashi, Yuji Ishida, David Belfort, Hirsohi
Aono, Tsuji Tatezawa, Mr. Endo, Kazumasa, Chirka, Taka, Keiko Byrne,
Mihoko & Hideo Usui, Noriko Garcia, Sosei Translator, Sosei Support Staff.

Introduction to Dr. Fukai and his discovery and production of Sosei Water
creating a solution for pollution which breaks down the environment and
ultimately breaks down the health and well being of mankind by replacing
harmful chemical use and pollution by using SoSEI water. Dr. Fukai proceeded
to give examples and demonstrations. which were enthusiastically received
by most in attendance.

Comments Examples and demonstrations were believe-able. TWG staff even applied robust skepticism and retesting of the demonstration under refined conditions and still the demonstration points remained intact.
Thursday January 6th 2011l Noon Restaurant
Topic Further sharing and introductions along with planning for assisting Dr. Fukai during his tour in Miami. Comments David Belfort was chosen to drive and assist the Dr. Fukai.

Friday January 7 2011 9:30 〜12:00 Noon

LOCATION Hellmann Global Logistics Co. Headquarters, Doralo, Florida

ATTENDANCE: Welcome: Kenneth Finneran, Chief People Officer, Americas
Salute: Juan Casimiro, Global VP Ascent,Inc/Casimiro Foundation
Introduction of Dr. Toshiharu Fukai: Michael J. Lenaghan
Gunter Freystatter, Cranberry Springs LTD; Brenda Leguisano,
Consultant on Social Networking; Jose Serra, Vice President Bread
for the Poor NGO; Annette Alvarez, Miami Council for
International Visitors; Gerard Pardue, Humanity International
Alliance (Haiti); Isaace Marlus (MDC, Cooper Union, recently at
Takuba Japan Nanotechnology Institute); Dr. Donhna Lenaghan,
President, Multigogy LTD; Hiroshi Aono; Noriko Yaegashi; David
and Toshiko Belfort, TWF; Ing. Juan Proano-Polastri Miranda,
Presidente Ejucutivo; Steven Sembo, Ultimate Life Summit and
three others
Finneran presented German-based and global Hellman’s third century
approach to corporate social responsibility as reflected in FAMILY DNA philosophy and  analogy of geese that mate for life, act inter-dependently and mutually share and eco-accommodating behaviors that characterize oldest and worldwide logistics company whose Americas headquarters is in Doral, Florida.
Casimiro shared enthusiasm for the social and economic entrepreneurship characterized by Dr Fuukai and Sosei Water initiatives as consistent with the aspirations of the Casimiro Foundation and compatible with his Ascent, Inc affiliation in educational soft wares.
Dr. Lenaghan explained meeting Dr. Fukai in Nairobi, Kenya where Dr. Fukai and he were guests of the leadership of the Kenyan government that sponsored and patronized a Global Peace Festival and Convention to bring visionary, talented and community building people from across the globe to facilitate new goals under a recent constitution for a people nation building in a time of challenge. Curiosity about “multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-lingual Miami, a microcosm of the world” and America’s largest, most diverse, highly technological and internationally representative higher education institution ?
Miami Dade College, prompted Dr. Fukai to visit Miami.
Dr. Fukai presented an articulate, concise and compelling description of his steps, discoveries and determinations that led to a commitment and dedication to disseminate his recombinant water methods and technologies and his novel, economical and timely Hydrogen generation strategy based upon Sosei Water. His genius and his genuine humanity, his wholistic spiritual/environmental philosophy and his concern for the benefit of all humankind captivated all present. Response was enthusiastic and seeking various approaches to advancing the technologies, product and related philanthropy associated with Dr Fukai and Sosei Water

COMMENTS: Animated questions and answers were effectively exchanged.
Interest about the licensing, production, marketing, distribution and regulatory matters were discussed with enthusiasm. Interest in the relief of pure water in Haiti, Nicaragua, Ecuador and Dominican Republic were raised. Bread For the Poor contracts for water purification in all its global service sites and has interest in more details. Young scholars from the Casimiro Foundation and
Ultimate Life Summit and another scholar were enthusiastic.
Date and Time Friday January 7th 2011 12:30ー 3PM

LOCATION Doral Country Club and Spa
(PGA “Blue Monster Golf Tournament Venue),                         Hosted By Ken Finneran and Hellmann

ATTENDANCE Dr. and Mrs. Fukai, Dr. Michael Lenaghan, Gunter Freystatter,
Dr. Donna Lenaghan, Brenda Leguisano, David and Yoshiko Belfort
Discussion about production, marketing, distribution and licensing
Sosei Water, related technologies, and public information, as well
as regulatory and financial relationships and sequence for progress.
Distinction among: 1) Research, development and training to be
anticipated in the USA and the Americas; 2) Higher Education and
Research Institution communication and connections in the USA
and Americas and 3) Supportive philanthropies and collaborative
NGOs (like the Kenya collaboration as one model for
collaboration). Agreement to draft and discuss further Working
document Sosei in the Americas for next meeting.
Date and Time Saturday January 8 2011 830 ー 11 AM

LOCATION Fountainbleu Hotel Suite of Dr. Fukai, Miami Beaxch, Florida

ATTENDANCE: Representatives of The Earth Ethics Institute, located at Miami
   Dade College、Director, Colleen Ahern-Hettich, Dr. Anouchka
    (Board  Member)
Exchange of principles, concepts and visions of dynamic Earth
enhancing, protecting and defending priorities and strategies that
might be facilitated with further cooperation ? apparent
compatibility among philosophies and enthusiasm about Sosei
Water and related research.
Date:1.8(Saturday)12:00 Faoten Bleu
Attendance; Br. Jim & Mrs. Mita Burk、Dr.Fukai,Owaki Owaki

Date:1.9(Sun.) Noon

Date and Time Sunday January 9 2011 6ー 9 PM

LOCATION Residence of Mr. and Mrs. Ken Finneran in Doral, Florida

ATTENDANCE Gunter Freystatter, Brenda Leguisano, Juan Casimiro and Dr Mike

Dr. Fukai enlightened those present about the corporate and
research arrangement of his enterprises and explained the unique
aspects of the philanthropic function of his activities.. A
subsequent draft working paper awas to be drafted by Tuesday fore
a final consultation on the business dimensions of Sosei Water and
related marketing, finance, legal and other business aspects of the
Sosei Water . Dr Lenaghan would coordinate input and Ms
Leguisano would complete the draft for sdiscussion by Tuesday.

Date and Time Monday January 10 2011 930 〜 11

LOCATION Hosted and sponsored by Dr. Jose Vicente, Campus President

Guest Lecturer Hall Room 2151, North Campus Miami Dade College, Miami, Florida
Convener and Administrative Coordinator: Patti Harris,
Chairperson, Social Science Department, North Campus
Introduction by. Professor Dr. Michael Lenaghan, Faculty
Dr. Matilda Roig-Watnik, present and facilitating
Lecturer and Demonstration by Dr. Toshiharu Fukai
Audience: 315 scholars, faculty, administration and community
Videographer, photographer and technical team.

Dr. Fukai presented the history, natural and environmental science
related to his original discoveries pertinent to H3O, Sosei Water
and the implications of the restructuring of water molecules. He
also shared the characteristics of hydrogen generated from the
Sosei water and the implications of Sosei generated hydrogen for
effective and economical alternative energies for heating,
transportation and other purposes. Simple, dramatic, audience-
interactive demonstrations enlightened, enlivened, enthused and
endeared a very enthusiastic audience. Questions and answers were
exchanged within and after the official the program
Date and Time Monday January 10 2011 12〜 4 PM

LOCATION President’s Conference Room and Science Complex
North Campus, Miami Dade College
VIP Luncheon hosted and facilitated by Dr. Jose Vicente
ATTENDANCE Dr. Jose Vicente, Campus President and Host.
Dr.and Mrs. Fukai, Guest of Honor
Dr. Junichiro Owaki, Special Asst=istant to Dr. Fukai
Mr. Matsumota, Office of President, Sosei Water
Dr..Matilda Roig-Watnik, Academic Dean
Dr. Malou Harrison, Dean of Student Services
Dr. Cristina Mateo, Dean for Administration
Mr. Manny Perez, Chief Information Officer
Ms. Patti Harris, Chairperson, Social Science Department
Dr Michael Boulos, Natural Sciences Chairperson
Dr. Heather Belmont, Health and Wellness Chairperson
Dr. Sandra Martinez, Director, Honors College, North Campus
Jessica Omana, Honors College & 2011 MDC National Model UN
Two Biology Majors current in the Honors College at North
Mr. Isaac Markus, North Campus alumnus, Cooper Union College
Dr. Michael Lenaghan, North Campus, Social Science Department

Presentation on Miami Dade College 1960 〜 2011 Dr. Vicente
Overview of past, present and future ? noting Science Complex, communications and educational technologies, School of Fire
Sciences, Palmetum and other agricultural initiatives, extraordinary
meeting and collaborative resources and inviting Dr. Fukai to
explore collaborative relationships with Miami Dade College and
its premier foundation campus NORTH CAMPUS.
Dr, Fukai immediately understood implications of diverse
community and widely representative student and faculty
populations, advanced scientific technologies, professorate and
student interests and intentions from Miami Dade to the world,
Fire Sciences connections to unique properties of Sosei Water, as
well as environmental and agricultural relationships that could
emerge from collaboration. Breaking and sharing a cookie
symbolically, Dr Fukai said to Dr Vicente: “Let us share and
prepare for a dream”. Thoughtful questions and shared possibilities
were exchanged. Dr. Fukai pledged to install and service four
Sosei Water production machines as a step toward a variety of
demonstration and research initiatives that could be implemented
at Miami Dade College. Dr. Vicente graciously and immediately
accepted Dr Fukai’s proposal and directed Dr Mateo and Dr Roig-
Watnik to act on behalf of the administration to advance this
Initiative. Enthusiasm and good cheer was evident
Date and Time Monday January 10 2011 11 〜12 Noon

LOCATION North Campus, Miami Dade College
School for Design and Entertainment Technologies Facilities
Lehman Theater and Mini-Theater and Lehman Art Gallery
Walk along lake, wildlife and Museum grade Sculpture Park
Berry Gordon, Director of the School for Design and
Entertainment Technologies: Tour of State of the Art Cinematographic, Video, and Teleconference and Recording facilities with headquarters of MDC-TV community cable network that reaches 500,000 households daily in Florida ? North Campus
Chairman and Faculty Member of Humanities Department

It was clear that the professionals, faculty and students are capable
of creating, writing, producing and distributing a variety of media
that complements potential endeavors that Dr. Fukai may choose to
implement in cooperation with Miami Dade College ? from
academic, research and policy conferences at the campus while
connecting world wide with other real time active participants.
Humanities, Arts, Ethics and technologies interconnect at the
North Campus.,

Led and directed by Dr Heather Belmont and Michael Boulos
visits were made to the various teaching and research laboratories
of the Science Complex. Amazing scientific instruments, engaging
lasses in action and an overview of the Palmetum (400+ palm trees
from across the globe) and the outdoor environmental engagement
area. Areas of water, cancer, agricultural and other research,
current experiments in progress and more options were
immediately apparent to Dr.Fukai.. It was an inspirational and
suggestive experience to be further discussed for cooperation.
Date and Time Tuesday January 11 2011 12〜 3 PM

LOCATION Luncheon in Restaurant hosted by Dr. Fukai
Fountainbleu Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida

ATTENDANCE Gunter Freystatter, Brenda Leguisano, David and Toshiko Belfort,
Mike Lenaghan, Dr Owaki., Mrs. Fukai, Interpreter staff (2)
COMMENTS A final draft was submitted and points clarified by the USA
Consultative Business Initiative Group ? awaiting further
reflection, response and initiatives to advance from Dr Fukai
within ten days (January 21) if possible
Date and Time Tuesday January 11 2011 5 〜 930 PM

LOCATION Miami Banker’s Club, Wachovia Bank Tower Restaurant
Hosted by Ken Finneran and Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, Miami, Florida

ATTENDANCE Dr. and Mrs Fukai, David and Toshiko Belfort, Dr.Owaki and Ken Finneran

Further discussion on the business strategy and refinement of the
Consultation Group Working Paper

Drafted and submitted to complement notes of Dr. Owaki
Miami, FLORIDA USA, January 16 2011
Courtesy of Dr. Michael J. Lenaghan

Residence: Office
Social Science Department
Lakes on The Green Miami Dade College
8900 NW 194 Terrace 11380 NW 27th Avenue
Hialeah, Florida USA 33018 Miami, Florida, USA 33167